Well suddenly I remembered the song Hakuna Matata from the movie Lion King 3 where Pumba and Timon come up with this song as they find their new home or abode where there are no worries at all….

Ah, how I wish I also find my own Hakuna Matata, now this led to me again dreaming about a beautiful place surrounded by trees and a small little house with a fire place and me reading by it, how I wish life were that nice…But that led me to think that in all the places that I visited, if I were to name one single place that truly caught my attention and where I was really at peace with myself and with the whole world, it would be Bhutan – the Last Shangrila….


Bhutan is a country where every street and every nook and corner will make you feel special. A stroll down even the busiest of its streets in the capital city of Thimpu will leave you wondering and baffled at the calm and serene surroundings. The people of this tiny little kingdom are in no hurry and at any given point you will find people quietly sitting by the prayer wheels and chanting. Numerous prayer flags in all multiple colors and sizes adorn the streets. The happiness that the people of this country exude is something that is bound to make both city dwellers and villagers go green.

If there is one place that I would want to visit again it is Bhutan.


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