Une Belle Ville – A beautiful town in South India

Well thats Pondicherry or Puducherry in one line……

A street in Pondicherry
A street in Pondicherry

A friend of mine once said that a place is all about the way you look at it and the company with whom you travel. A visit to Pondicherry truly proves that..

My initial trip to Pondicherry was a family trip with an aunt and within hours I was bored to death. I had read so much about the place and its charming eateries and the ashram etc but here I was eating dosa at a small eatery that you find in any town in south India and post that was a visit to the beach and after 1 hr my aunt declared that this is all that Pondicherry has to offer… I was shocked, but promised to myself that I would come back again for I was sure that the place had much more to offer and I was right.

My next trip to Pondicherry was post marriage with my husband and this time it was so much fun. Pondicherry is a charming little town where one can still find french influence full of eateries that serve lip smacking cuisine and also not to forget the ashram and the beach.

The promenade is a perfect place for a quite walk in the evening and left to me I would spend hours sitting on the rocks gazing at the sea. The view of the sea from the rocks is spectacular.

Pondicherry Promenade
Pondicherry Promenade

While there are a number of tour guides available to tell travelers about the places to visit, places to eat and things to do there is one place, an eatery that must surely be on the list of everyone visiting this quaint little town and that is Tantos…

Tantos Sitting Area
Tantos Sitting Area

Tantos: One can easily miss this place as it is scattered among the hordes of eateries that dot the entire stretch of road to Auroville and all the eateries claim to serve authentic Italian pizzas. So whats special about Tantos????

The place is like any small restaurant that you will find in this part of town with tables laid out along the walls and there is really not much to talk about the interiors but their food is to die for. The Italian and continental food that I have at this place is undoubtedly the best that I have eaten anywhere in this world…Well, their pizzas, chocolate mousse and the “Tiramisu” are just some of the items on the menu that are to die for. If you have place after eating all the above, then the lasagna can also be tasted but my first choice would be their pizza’s – the flatbread ones loaded with cheese,vegetables,meat and a whole lot of other Italian herbs and sauces…

The best part about this place is that there are options for vegetarians as well which is a boon for people like me as usually we are left with nothing but the plain cheese or at the most mushrooms and onions.. This place boasts of an aubergine pizza – yes pizza topped generously with aubergines and loaded with cheese and the minute you place a piece in your mouth you are transported to heaven – the cheese melts in your mouth and the aubergine adds a distinct flavor to the meal… Must try!!!!!

The chocolate mousse has the right texture with small pieces of orange just the way it should be made and is very reasonably priced. Same is the case with the TIRAMISU too..

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse
The Classic Tiramisu
The Classic Tiramisu

The Chocolate Mousse is served in a steel cup and the Tiramisu is also simply served on a plate with no frills and decorations and extra toppings but once you dig in and eat the first spoon there is no way one can stop…

Go there during the evening and I promise you that you will not be disappointed. The setting is perfect and the food is a gastronomic delight.  The place is run by an Italian and his daughter personally comes over to take the orders and the pizzas are made right in front of us with cheese that is made locally. 

Warning!!!!!!: Go there  hungry and with a huge appetite and I am sure you will return satisfied….But make you sure to check the timings before you go as it’s located away from the city and you will be disappointed if its closed after traveling all the way…

I would love to go back to Pondicherry just for the food at this place!!!!!


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