The Takin

Have you ever seen an animal that is a cross between a goat and an antelope?????

At least I had not seen one and had never even imagined that such an animal could exist till I landed in Bhutan. When our guide took us to the place where we could see this weird animal I was in for a shock. The Takin is probably the most weird animal I have ever seen.

The Takin
The Takin

Takin is found in the Eastern Himalayas and they are four sub species. The Bhutan Takin is a vulnerable species and faces constant threat from hunters and thus they have been declared endangered species and is also the National animal of Bhutan.

The best way to catch a glimpse of this weird animal is to visit the Jigme Dorji National park where they are kept captive and tourists are allowed to feed them.

Though natives of the Eastern Himalayas, several Takins are kept captive in zoos across the world.




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