The Serial Saga

It was one of those days when there was not much work to do and I was bored to death and did not know what to do, so after much deliberation I turned to the idiot box as that was the only saving grace, but it did not save me, instead it left me fuming and frustrated;fuming because of the characterization and frustrated coz I saw that this was the 500th episode of that stupid serial which meant that people were actually watching it for the last 5oodays.

The Serial Saga
The Serial Saga

As I was jobless that particular afternoon, I decided to test my patience and so watched all the serials that were being telecast in the hope that I would find at least one serial worth watching. But alas, they just turned out to be worse.

Post my serial watching session what bothered me most was the manner in which the serials depicted Indian women and the kind of message that they were spreading across the world (heard that these serials are telecast across the US, UK and middle east also). All the serials had the same theme – family dramas involving husbands, wives, sons, daughters and daughter in laws etc with the same old issues – marriage, property disputes and caste system.

The below is my ranking for the serials based on the story and characterization in the descending order i.e. from the worst serial being aired to the relatively bearable ones.

1. Diya Aur Baati Hum – This is by far the worst serial that I watched that un fateful day. This serial has a mother in law who just does not know how to smile. For starters she treats her daughter’s in law like door mats and much to her objection the elder daughter in law is ambitious and wants to study. The whole serial revolves around how the mother in law tries to snub this daughter in law and tries to make her life horrible with each passing day and all that the daughter in law does is to shut her mouth and listen. But the one good thing about the serial is that the son of this MIL supports his wife and encourages her to study.

2. Pyaar Ka Dard – This serial again is about families and family values etc. So the only purpose of the heroine in this serial is to sacrifice her life and wishes and her life for everyone and anyone in the family right from the “Nanaji” (Grandfather), to the “Maasi” (Aunt) to even the servant of the house, so much that she even promises to the so called Grandfather that she will not lead a married life with her husband till the problems of the house are solved – sigh…..And because she is ever willing to sacrifice her life at the drop of a hat she is the perfect “Bhartiya Bahu” who always puts family first… Another thing about this serial is that the Mother In Law looks younger than the Daughter In Law ….. (Check out Google)

3. Saathiya – OMG in this serial the Mother In Law looks like a witch and can scare people and can even be held responsible for having nightmares. The less said the better about this one, but anyway the same old saga of one daughter in law trying to out do the other and the story continues….

What I fail to understand is that either the women in the serial are either projected as villains or they are shown to be such submissive creatures that they happily allow the whole world to walk on them. The other important observation is about the complete absence of men – either they are always away or are mere spectators watching the drama unfold or they are busy getting married and having extra marital affairs and the good “bahu” is supposed to accept all this without opening her mouth.

But this only proves one thing – that the Indian audience likes watching these serials and actually enjoy them as no serial has ever been wrapped up with anything less than 1000 episodes.

And the “Queen” who has been ruling the roost in this segment and the “Lady” responsible for the present state of affairs is none other than Ekta Kapoor. She has also received the award “Most successful Woman” by GR8! Women Awards…

Queen Bee – Ekta Kapoor

And thus the “Serial Saga” continues…………..



One thought on “The Serial Saga

  1. U have echoed my thoughts here, bravo! Indian serials lack grey shades, they just show life and characters in black n white. God knows when and how will we be able to make classics like HIMYM, Friends etc…or will we never.. 😦

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