The Movie Saga – Sad state of Telugu movies

So yes, post my serial watching session I went into movie watching mode, and this time I stuck to Indian cinema by which I mean Hindi films and then some Telugu films.

Due to my hectic work schedule and also managing home I had completely given up the whole concept of going to theaters – watching movies regime. In fact watching every single movie that hit the theaters was my only motto in life during graduation and post graduation and when I look back now I really wonder if it was the same me who watched all that crap…

So I decided that I would watch two Hindi movies and two Telugu movies and in order to spare myself the ordeal of sitting through a whole lot of crap (yes my tolerance levels have come down), I read the reviews of a lot of movies and then finally ended up watching  Yeto Velipoyindi Manasu in Telugu (I could not watch two movies in each language as per my original plan coz the above mentioned movie drove me mad, infact I thank my stars that I am still left with some amount of sanity and writing this post)…

The reason I selected the above movie was because it had got decent reviews and the trailers portrayed them to be nice feel good love stories with some sentiment and the usual drama thrown in which I was prepared for. Also, Yeto Velipoyindi Manasu had music by maestro Illayaraja, who is a musical genius and whose songs I grew up on.

But, the experience turned out to be completely disastrous. I mean the biggest disappointment was Yeto Velipoyindi Manasu as the music was horrible, I mean I am a huge fan of Ilayaraja and honestly I cannot recollect a single song from the movie.

Yeto Velipoyindi Manasu: The trailers looked amazing and I had really high hopes from this one as it was directed by Gautam Menon who had really good movies to his credit. Also, the star cast had Nani and Samantha both of whom had good movies to their credit too. So I considered this movie to be a safe bet.

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu
Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu

The one word that best described my feelings as I stepped out of the theater was “disgusting”. I mean either something was terribly wrong with me or every other movie that would have released would have been really bad…

In fact, one newspaper even claimed that this movie “should be watched by both the partners together” as it depicts a very true love story. And, yet another newspaper said that the climax was the best part of the movie and will leave the audience spellbound and speechless. It did leave me speechless for the sheer stupidity and craziness, and left to me I would have just slapped the hero on his face and asked him to leave. (I will explain my reaction below)

So, yes the film traces the journey of two people (obviously the hero and heroine) right from their school days to college to post college. The heroine is a rich girl and the hero is from a middle class family.The family of the heroine is not visible throughout the entire movie, whereas the middle class difficulties of the heros family are shown..

The only thing that the hero and heroine do is to fall in and out of love, and while in love they conveniently have fun in the heroines house, in her car and you name it and they are making out in that place and no one from either of the families has a clue even about the existence of the other person in their life.

One fine day, our hero realizes that he comes from a middle class family and that he has to study and get into IIM and make his family proud. In order to achieve all this the hero suggests that they should break up as he cannot concentrate otherwise and our heroine has no work but to tag behind him and begs him to take her along with him, but he flatly refuses. The Hero cracks CAT and gets into IIM (how I wish it were that easy) and the heroine in the mean while goes off to a sea side village to help Tsunami victims…

So years pass by, hero graduates from IIM and gets into a job and after all this randomly decides to find out about the girl. He traces her, goes and begs her to come back into his life, but she refuses. So he returns and finds a girl and is about to get married, when our heroine makes a splashing entry, the hero invites her to his wedding, she goes and then that same night they again end up spending time together the whole night, he cancels his wedding, goes to the heroines house and shouts at the top of his voice, and finally they get married.

So, the only message that I could derive out of this 3 hr long drama is that no matter how dumb the guy is (remember he asked for her to leave when he had to go to IIM) and also no matter how impulsive he is (goes searching for her after all those years and expects her to say yes and when she refuses instantly comes back and agrees to get married and later on cancels the wedding because she attends the reception) and actually has the guts to shout at her family whom he has never met till date and create a scene, the girl still dutifully agrees to marry him.

I mean, I never hated any movie as much as this one, as it clearly conveys a wrong message. Both the protagonists have no clarity in life, the girl is just expected to go with the boy no matter how crazy he is. I just cannot understand as to why are the female characters always shown to be possessive women and who finally yield in to super crazy boys. The hero clearly insults the heroine and in some dialogues the insult is direct like in the scene where she begs him to taker her along with her and he actually tells her “that dont you have anything to do in your life apart from coming behind me and also I never asked you to come or be with me”….

This drives me to the question – “Why is that women in Indian movies have to always end up with the hero no matter what a jerk he is”, and the concept of just moving on with life just does not seem to exist. The hero can date other women, have fun, party and drink and dance, but the heroine is supposed to be clad in salwar kameez that too cotton salwar kameez and lie diagonally on the bed and cry for a stupid man who while she is crying is bitching about her to her own family (that’s what the hero does in this movie in the climax when he visits her home, goes to the extent of saying that in your absence we had a ball in this very same house etc). And after all that the damsel in distress happily wipes away her tears and ends up in his arms.

I wonder whats wrong with all the so called critics who write reviews; I also fail to understand what was so realistic about that movie (  – I mean are they saying that the girl should wait forever for the boy or that its completely acceptable for the boy to cancel his wedding at the nth moment just because hi ex attended the reception or that the girl has to accept the guy even if he comes home and shouts at the top of his voice….

This just proves the fact that Indian cinema will never improve and the audience will never be able to appreciate intelligent movies and the only end result of all such movies is that it gives guys more leverage that “the girl should and will eventually come back to me no matter how dumb and crazy I am” and if she happens to have some brain and self respect for herself and her family refuses to go back, then the best solution is to just rape her or blackmail her…..

And we talk about feminism and spreading awareness about issues….  :(:(:(


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