Food for Vegetarians in the Land of Last Shangrila

Sandwiches and Dimsums

The first question that popped up in my head when my husband suggested Bhutan to me was – “What are we going to eat there” ? This because I was wondering if we would be able to lay our hands on anything vegetarian at all in Bhutan. 

But I was taken aback as there were a lot of eateries selling good vegetarian stuff. 

To start off with there are vegetarian dimsums available everywhere. Dimsums available here are very tasty and healthy too as they are steamed and not fried. Also, a lot of restaurants sell Dal and Roti apart from sandwiches. 

The best place according to me is Ambient Cafe which is located on the main road in Thimpu. Its very easy to locate and has a very nice ambience. Its more of a western style cafe that serves sandwiches and a whole lot of other stuff. Its also a nice place to hang out after a long day of sight seeing. 

Apart from that for the more adventurous there is a local drink called Suja which is butter tea made with tea leaves, salt and yak butter. It has unique taste and is definetly not for people who do not like experimenting with food as it can leave a very salty taste.

If you are ready to splurge and do not mind spending a few thousands on a single meal then the best place to go is the restaurant in Taj Tashi.

Taj Tashi has a Bhutanese restaurant and a multi cuisine restaurant apart from a lounge bar. The Bhutanese restaurant has limited options for vegetarians but the multi cuisine restaurant serves some lip smacking Indian delicacies. The best part about this restaurant is that if you want to eat something that is not on the menu, the message can simply be passed on to the chef through the waitress and the dish will be prepared.. And while you are waiting for your favorite dish you can listen to some live music as well.. 

This was definelty a treat for my taste buds as after days of travelling I had the best Indian food here…


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