Unknown Jewels in a known crown

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

Marcel Proust

When Marcel Proust spoke the above lines, I would like to believe that the french man in him was  referring to a small french colony located thousands of miles away from France co – existing among an equally vibrant culture and atmosphere and yet retaining french roots so much so that a part of that erstwhile french colony is the only remaining trace of the French in that country and to this day when one walks by the streets one can truly feel it as a way of life and the when the waves from the sea splash on the stones there is when it hits you that no matter how many things change around us it’s the way we look at things that matters the most, it’s our vision and color of the world that we ultimately carry home with us in our hearts and head.

Pondicherry Promenade
Pondicherry Promenade

I am the kind of person who thoroughly believes that every place has a feel to it and strikes a chord with us when we visit. Some places stay with us and call us back, while some fade away just like the color of the sky fades from dusk to night.

Pondicherry is one such place – a place that has been with me and every visit strikes up more warmth and more happiness than from the previous visit.

This visit to Pondicherry was to celebrate four years of togetherness and warmth that we share and we decided to celebrate by checking into a beautiful place in the French part of the town or the white town as the locals call it.

The Le Dupleix where we spent a night is to me at least an unknown jewel amidst all the other “heritage” places. Located in the bylanes of the french part of the town this place nestles under the shadow of overgrown trees that seem to be protecting it from the wrath of all the construction going on the street.

The beautiful interiors of the place have huge trees inside and the architecture is in tune to protect the natural set up and the stairs add beauty to the whole place. Each floor has a different lay out and and each room is uniquely designed…

The rooms are cute if I may say so and add so much warmth to the entire place. The best part of the rooms are the washrooms which to me looked like some secret passage room located within the same room at a higher level.

The best part of living in the french part is the proximity to the beach i.e. the promenade. The feeling of catching the sun rising from the pristine waters standing on the rugged stones that are hit by the waves is a feeling that cannot be described in words.

The vast expanse of the sea and the sight of the huge waves never fails to mesmerize me and remind me of my small existence in this big wide universe. It makes me feel so much more humble and reminds me of the fact that no matter what man invents or discovers, nature is and will always remain unparalleled and has supreme power.

The Promenade just after sunrise
The Promenade just after sunrise
The majestic sun and the vast expanse of the sea










The uniqueness of Pondicherry lies in its streets – you never what color you are going to see the walls in until you turn at the bend and its a pleasure to just stroll on the streets. The kind of old world charm that these streets exude and the calmness that surrounds them is something that is absolutely beautiful. The bright orange and yellow hues add so much charm to this small little place that it reminds me of rubies and diamonds studded in a crown that beautifully compliment each other.

Bright orange colored walls with huge trees hanging over them

The huge trees that grow out of the high walls only add a sense of mystery to the whole thing always making me think as to what lies behind those walls.

Some day I would like to retire in one of these houses and make it my home – my jewel.


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