How I celebrated my 30th birthday alone and cherished every moment!!!


I love celebrating birthdays and more than anything I love the feeling of waiting for the day and waking up to warm wishes from my husband, family and friends.

Over the last 5 years my husband who is really not into gifting and planning surprises has mastered the art of surprising me with small gifts that he hides at home and every year its become a sought of ritual where I go all over the house trying to find them. The morning of my birthday he religiously prepares an elaborate Indian breakfast for me no matter what day of the week it is and then takes me out for dinner. Though this has been the routine for 5 years now, yet every year I look forward to it.

This year I was excited about my birthday (which is in December) right from January itself and the whole reason for my undying excitement and enthusiasm that I would have made a 3 year old look more sober.. The reason for this was that I was going to turn “30 years” and I just could not get myself to believe that I had spent 30 years on this planet. So I decided that I must spend the entire year doing things that I always wanted to do and have a blast. This meant that I was looking forward to culminate all this excitement with a huge celebration on the actual day.

But contrary to all my expectations I was forced to spend my 30th birthday, my big day alone as my husband had an emergency work trip that he could not escape. I was dejected, disappointed and basically felt lost and dreaded the day. For good two days I furiously looked for reasonably priced tickets so that I could just fly in on my birthday and meet my husband. I could just not believe it that of all the days I would be alone on my 30th birthday and decided that this deserved me to be become depressed and sad. So I plunged myself into sadness and kept looking out for deals on tickets like a hawk all the while eating tub fulls of ice cream and huge cup cakes and crying about it to every random person I met.

Finally I decided that I had had enough of this nonsense and took a very brave decision – that I will be spending my birthday alone in my city all by myself. This was a huge thing for me and my poor husband even offered to buy tickets for me but by then I had already decided.

Now, I took the decision but I had no freaking idea how I would go about implementing it. Three nights before my birthday I had a huge breakdown and sobbed and went to bed crying. I was too ashamed to tell anyone how I felt because after all I was not a kid and I really was not in trouble.

The next day was a Saturday and while munching on granola and beginning my journey into self pity mode an idea suddenly struck – why not celebrate my birthday for 3 days beginning on Sunday. This sounded fabulous to me and I immediately set about planning within the limited budget I had.

Here’s what I did on Sunday:

  • Spa session: I am one of those who would not mind having spa sessions everyday of my life.. I mean who doesn’t like spa sessions!!!! But given that I was tight on budget I had to research a lot to find a spa that fit my budget and yet delivered good service. I finally found this place called “Heavenly Foot Massage” and the name itself sounded heavenly and I decided that I badly needed a foot massage and this was it!! To say this was the best massage I had till date in my life would be an understatement!!! I was transported to heaven and it was the most amazing thing. My therapist was wonderful and I left feeling light and beautiful and suddenly life did not seem depressing 🙂
  • Lunch at Indian restaurant
  • Shopping: Since it was holiday season, there were sales all over and hence despite having a closet full of clothes I went and decided to hunt for the cheapest top possible. Guess what, I came out smiling at the end of 2 hrs with a cute top that costed 3 dollars!!! That was the cheapest piece of clothing I ever purchased and I was extremely satisfied with myself.

Monday: I was dreading the Monday morning blues but it turned out that a new Indian restaurant had opened and now I had to go visit. So I decided to go there for lunch and it was the best thing I did that day. The food was awesome and it was not crowded at all despite being lunch hour and I had an awesome fulfilling meal.

D-day Tuesday: I took off from work because honestly I just did not feel like going in that day. So I answered calls till afternoon and simply did nothing other than reflect on my life and all my previous years. I booked an appointment for afternoon tea at a place called “Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party”. I got dressed and went there without much expectations as I did not want to be upset.

I was in for a pleasant surprise!!! This was like no other coffee or tea place I had ever visited in my entire life.. As soon as I entered I was taken aback by looking at all the umbrellas that adorned the ceiling.

Umbrellas in colors and sizes adorned the roof..
Cutest Roof ever 🙂

The walls had bookshelves that were stacked with all kinds of books. Customers could pick any book and take it home for just a dollar 🙂

I had booked the high tea or “afternoon tea” as I wanted to pamper myself. As soon as I reached the hostess guided me to the table that was reserved for me. She then asked me for my tea preference and within a few minutes returned with “a pot of tea” and that was the fanciest “tea pot” I had ever seen. It had intricately carved design of a peacock and was just so beautiful. The tea was served in vintage china cups and I was just too overwhelmed.

Fancy Tea Pot and china

I was still trying to calm my excitement and appear like a dignified lady and not a 3 year old kid when the waitress brought the food. I just could not believe my eyes – a two tiered stand with the most delicious looking food all piled one on top of the other 🙂

Delicious looking food 🙂 Feast to my eyes

I spent the next two hours sipping copious amounts of tea and aimlessly wandering around the cafe picking up books and just staring at the ceiling. It looked so unreal to me and I felt like I had wandered off into “Alice in Wonderland”. There was so much food to eat – the cupcakes were so moist that just melted in my mouth and the brownie was just too delicious and not to mention the olives and mushroom quiche. I was so happy that I had tears in my eyes 🙂

I cut the small brownie and sang “Happy Birthday” to myself and felt extremely happy 🙂


I came back home late in the evening after sunset and then headed out for dinner to an Indian restaurant.

At then end of the day I was really happy and satisfied. Though I terribly missed my husband, I was very happy with myself that instead of drowning myself in pity I just made the most of my time and was proud of myself.

I not only “SURVIVED” my 30th birthday alone but also “ENJOYED” it the most and it will be something that I will remember forever in my life!!!

Cheers to myself!!!




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